About Us


Moving away from the mainstream "Bridal Gown"….. 2022 is the year of self expression.

Designed and handmade in Brisbane Australia, providing handmade Gowns online Worldwide. 

Gothic Bridal was born when I began my search in 2021 for my own Wedding Gown only to find myself lost in a Sea of White…… 

Searching far and wide for something a little edgy and alternative but only to find options extremely limited. 

I craved to find that beautiful hint of Mystery within a Gown yet could never find it. I have always loved the mysterious side of life and always expressed this in writing Poetry. I realised that Poetry comes in other forms.....Design.

Each piece I designed was inspired by my Poetry and found I could connect in almost the same way.

Thus, Gothic Bridal was born.....Each collection and Gown tells a story, possessing a poetic undertone. 

Our goal is to personalise and inspire self-expression on your special day.  Therefore, our entire range is designed and handmade in Australia with high quality, vegan friendly fabrics and materials. Our products are made with stretch fabrics and adjustment in mind to ensure a seamless fit with minimal fuss.  

Whether you are going for a Gothic look or just a bit of colour, we hope to meet your needs. Our add-ons can be alternated across different collections to further personalise YOU. If you wish for this, please contact us directly.

We also offer personalised embroidery on the Gown whether it be a line of Poetry, you and your loved one’s names or a unique symbol to add a beautiful personalised touch……to etch this unique moment in time.

Love & Peace
Christie Maree Waddups
Gothic Bridal